Case StudyDue date: Written assignment to be submitted on 23 May 2016This assignment contributes 15% to the total assessment for this courseRead the case: Citibank: Performance Evaluation (attached)Requirements:You have been invited by Frits Seegers, the President of Citibank California, to provide secondopinion on the performance evaluation and bonus entitlement for Mr James McGaran, themanager of the most important Citibank branch in Los Angeles area. You are required to write areport to Mr Seegers addressing the following questions:

1. Write an executive summary to highlight the main problem that Citibank executives arefacing as indicated in the Citibank Case, describe the plan you have followed to buildyour recommendation regarding James’ compensation. This plan should include themanagement accounting theories/principals/techniques that you have followed to reachyour final decision. (3 Marks).

2. Complete Exhibit 1 which is shown on the case study to evaluate James’ performance inthe seven performance areas (including the overall performance), by ticking one of thethree alternatives (i.e. below par, par, or above par). Justify your decision in each of theseven areas of performance (3 Marks).

3. Briefly explain how each of the non-financial performance measures used by Citibankcan support the bank’s competitive strategies? Also explain whether over reliance onnon-financial measures can be problematic? Draw a research model that distinguishesbetween the lag and leading indicators of Exhibit 1? (3 Marks).

4. Referring to your evaluation of James’ performance in the customer satisfactiondimension (i.e. meet the target” OR a “below target”) that you have made on Exhibit 1,provide three rationales to justify your evaluation decision. (3 Marks).

5. James has expressed his concerns regarding what they have made him responsible forregarding his branch’s performance and whether he has control over all the performancedimensions shown in the performance measurement systems. James has also challengedthe fairness of the metrics that Citibank use to evaluate his performance. Does Jameshave the solid ground to make such concerns? State the grounds and justifications thatJames may build on for his case? (3 Marks).2General guidelines:

(a) A maximum of 5 pages of text covering all of the requirements set out in theproject questions (excluding the cover page, reference list, and appendices).

(b) The report should include a reference list of the readings that you have donein order to answer the questions of the case study.

(c) Please use Times New Roman, 12 font in double spaced, and minimum of2cm on each margin for the body of the report. Also ADJUST THE LINESIN ALL THE PARAGRAPHES.