Forum 8: Ethics and Morality in Human Sexuality This week we are discussing the topic of ethics and morality when it comes to human sexuality. With that in mind, please choose one of these three topics: Prostitution, Sex Trafficking, or Pornography which many consider a moral issue. Read the required reading: Ethical Decision Making and then apply the Ethical Problem Solving Model to your topic answering the 5 questions. Please see the model outlined below. Ethical Problem Solving Model Answer the five questions when trying to resolve a moral issue: What benefits and what harms will each course of action produce, and which alternative will lead to the best overall consequences? What moral rights do the affected parties have, and which course of action best respects those rights? Which course of action treats everyone the same, except where there is a morally justifiable reason not to, and does not show favoritism or discrimination? Which course of action advances the common good? Which course of action develops moral virtues? Remember that all situations are unique and not one set of rules applies in all cases. (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, & Meyer, 2015) Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre,Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer . (2015, Aug 1) Thinking Ethically . Santa Clara University-Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Retrieved from