Consolidated Statement of Income

For 12 Months Ended ($ in 000s) 31-12-2015
Net revenues $39,63,313
Cost of goods sold (20,57,766)
Gross profit 19,05,547
Selling, general and administrative expenses (14,97,000)
Income from operations 4,08,547
Interest expense, net (14,628)
Other expense, net (7,234)
Income before income taxes 3,86,685
Provision for income taxes (1,54,112)
Net income $2,32,573Common-size analysis- Given the information presented on Sheet 1, a) Complete these tables using common-size analysis; b) Summarize the highlights from common-size analysis for Under Armour and indicate possible red flags following the tables.
(2) Given the information presented on Sheet 1, calculate the DuPont Model for Under Armour for the year ended at Dec. 31, 2015. Show calculations following the table.