Forensic Analysis: Current Examples – Q1

Select a company investigated or under investigation by the SEC for some financial impropriety. Discuss at least one issue they are being investigated for in the context of the seven financial shenanigans discussed by Dr. Schilit in his book. Try to select a company not discussed in the book. The Wall Street Journal,, and major newspapers are good sources. The Wall Street Journal database may be searched in the UMUC databases (start with “business”, then go to major newspapers).

Please remember due process: an SEC investigation or allegation is not evidence of guilt.

Job Offer Choice – Q2

Suppose you have two job offers to consider. They are pretty much the same, though one (e.g., from a state government) offers a “defined benefit” pension plan whose payoff reflects your salary and years of service when you retire or otherwise leave the company. The other company offers a 401K plan. Which do you prefer, and why? Do the events of the most recent several years affect your decision (how)?

Sears and Brand Value Securitization – Q3

Sears securitized its three principal brand names in 2007 and sold them to a wholly-owned Bermuda insurance subsidiary.

What’s going on?

Does securitization qualify as a Shenanigan?