Read the WSJ article “Julius Baer Profit Hit by Legal Costs” and compare it to previous offshore Swiss bank tax evasion cases. (Hint: You can see link to other settlement cases near bottom of this article). You can also Google “UBS offshore tax evasion”, “Credit Suisse offshore tax evasion”, etc. and you will see lots of hits). Write a response in Word on the history or developments of these Swiss bank cases and/or the effect on the Swiss bank secrecy laws and the IRS’s efforts to curb offshore tax evasion via John Doe summons’s and OVDI initiative. and new FATCA rules. You are welcome to do any outside research that you find helpful. Remember that you can also use the online WSJ website searchbar and input search terms to see past articles as well as any other outside source. Just remember to cite your source at the bottom of your article response.Note: Make sure that you do not copy and paste information from other sources as this is your research and your work and I want to see your words. Your Turn It In similarity % should be less than 15% to receive a grade.

Grading: A thorough and complete response will provide full points. Your response must exceed 800 words (not including Cite references or instructions above which should not be included in your paper). Thus body of paper by itself should exceed 800 words.
A response (less than 800 words not incl. references) or not meaningful will provide half points.