Prior to recording the December 31, Year 5, year-end adjusting entries for a small business, revenues exceed expenses by $50,000. The following information was known at December 31, Year 5:

i) Services amounting to $8,000 had been performed but not yet been billed or recorded,

ii) An advertising campaign is scheduled to run from January 1 to June 30, Year 6. The $6,000 costs for the campaign were paid for and expensed onNovember 30, Year 5,

iii) Amortization of capital assets for Year 5 of which $7,000 has not yet been recorded,

iv) The December, Year 5, bank reconciliation shows that the bank deducted interest expense of $2,000 on a note payable on December 31, Year 5, but wasnot recorded by the company until January 10, Year 6.

Assuming the company prepares financial statements only at year-end, what is its accounting income before taxes for Year 5?