The December 31, 2017 trial balance of Saddle Co. included the following accounts:

Cash $956,000

Accounts receivable 30,000

Unearned service revenue 20,000

Supplies 13, 500

Prepaid insurance 12,000

Equipment 80,000

Accumulated depreciation – equipment 30,000

Salary expense 130,000

Additional data

  1. a) An inventory count of supplies indicated $1,500 were still on hand at year end.
  2. b) The prepaid insurance represents the annual premium on a policy providing coverage starting July 1, 2017.
  3. c) Since the last payday, employees have earned an additional $15,500 which has not yet been paid or recorded.
  4. d) Saddle Co. has now earned half of the unearned revenue.
  5. e) The equipment has an estimated life of 10 years and no expected value at the end of its life.
  6. f) Services performed but unbilled and uncollected at year end amounted to $9,250.


Need the necessary year-end adjusting entries as of December 31, 2017