Last night, the sprinkler system at Plant A was accidentally set off. The ensuing deluge destroyed most of the cost records in Plant A for the month just completed (May). The plant manager has come to you in a panic—he has to complete his report for head office by the end of today. He wants you to give him the numbers he needs for his report. He can provide you with some fragments of information he has been able to salvage:

Raw Materials: Beg: 24,100. End: 56,600.

Work In Process: Beg: 17,700.

Finished Goods: Sold in May: 405,500. Ending: 52,000.

Manufacturing overhead: Beg: 0.

Accrued wages payable: Beg: 10,000. End: 18,800.

Other Information:

1. Total direct materials requisitions for the month were $180,100.

2. A total of 9,400 direct labour hours were worked during the month at an average wage of $15/hour.

3. Manufacturing overheads of $101,400 were incurred during the period.

4. On May 31, the ending inventory of work in process is $4,500.

Calculate the following:

The material purchases during May.

The Amount paid to the labour force in May.

The cost of goods transferred from work in process inventory to finished goods inventory in may.

The cost of finished goods inventory at the beginning of May.