KPMG provided consulting services to a client. The client contracted to pay KPMG $460000 for the
consulting after 3 years. Assuming an interest rate of 10%, what did KPMG actually earn for the consulting services (as opposed to interest)? (Round your answer to the nearest dollar)

Mr. Fenewick plans on retiring in 15 years. To fund his retirement account, Mr. Fenewick will deposit
$4400 every year into an account that earns 8% annually. How much will be available to Mr. Fenewick at the end of 15 years? (Round your answer to the nearest dollar)
Crazy Al signs an agreement to buy a car that requires payment (principal and interest) of $5798 at the
end of each year for 3 years. The car dealer used 10% as the interest rate to determine the payments. What should Crazy AI consider to be the purchase price of the car?
the nearest dollar) (Round your answer to