Imagine you are a European immigrant to America, trying to adapt to the new life you sought. You want to share your experiences with your family back home so they will better understand.

Choose a country of origin and religious tradition:

• Country of origin

• Poland

• Italy

• Bulgaria

• Greece

• Ukraine

• Czechoslovakia

• Serbia

• Religious tradition

• Catholic

• Jewish

• Lutheran

• Other Protestant

• No religious tradition

Write a 700- to 1,050-word first-person description of your experiences as an immigrant to America in the late 19th or early 20th century. The description should take the form of a journal entry, autobiography, or diary and must be in first person. Use I, we, me, etc.This is not to be a traditional research paper even though you are doing research for it!. Include descriptions of the following:

The political, social, or economic factors that precipitated your migration

• The journey across the ocean, including sleeping accommodations and available food

• Ellis Island

• The city you settle in and why

• The racist attitudes of some Americans

• Tenement housing

• Factory conditions, hours worked, and pay

• The status your children eventually achieve

Format references consistent with APA guidelines using the instructions from day one and the template I attached.

  • Every single paragraph MUST have a citation!