You own three? stocks: 600shares of Apple? Computer,10,000 shares of Cisco? Systems, and 5,000 shares of? Colgate-Palmolive. The current share prices and expected returns of? Apple, Cisco, and?Colgate-Palmolive are, ?respectively, $463?, $22?, $99 and 12%?, 10%?, 8%.

a.What are the portfolio weights of the three stocks in your? portfolio?

b.What is the expected return of your? portfolio?

c.Suppose the price of Apple stock goes up by $27?, Cisco rises by $6?, and? Colgate-Palmolive falls by $15. What are the new portfolio? weights?

d.Assuming the? stocks’ expected returns remain the? same, what is the expected return of the portfolio at the new? prices?

The portfolio weight of Apple Computer is what %? (Round to two decimal? places.)