Duke Company’s records show the following account balances at December 31, 2016:

Income tax expense has not yet been determined. The following events also occurred during 2016. All transactions are material in amount.

  1. $300,000 in restructuring costs were incurred in connection with plant closings.
  2. Inventory costing $400,000 was written off as obsolete. Material losses of this type are considered to be unusual.
  3. It was discovered that depreciation expense for 2015 was understated by $50,000 due to a mathematical error.
  4. The company experienced a foreign currency translation adjustment loss of $200,000 and had unrealized gains on investments of $180,000.


Prepare a single, continuous multiple-step statement of comprehensive income for 2016. The company’s effective tax rate on all items affecting comprehensive income is 40%. Each component of other comprehensive income should be displayed net of tax. Ignore EPS disclosures.