Diane Webb, a medical assistant in Pearson Physicians Group has been asked to proofread the following letter, which was prepared by a temporary assistant.

  1. From the chapter Written Communication; follow the rules for proofreading, grammar, capitalization, and spelling , to correct the errors in this letter. this letter using modified block style and prepare it for Dr. Shaina McWalter’s signature.


Dear Docter Stacey:

I right this letter to inform you that I am pleased that you would chose me to present at your conference. Its a great complement.

Their are several cases which I can site. I would like you’re recommendation because I no you will be frank with me. We must all ways be discrite and conscience of patience’s rights when presenting cases relating to there conditions. We must remain mindful that patients have there legal rites.

I have the following X-ray studies which I can include: xyphoid process, greater trocanter, peretoneal abcess, left calcanus, fracture of right clavical, and a fractured ileum and ischeum. Let me know which of these rentgeneology studies you would prefer.

Please advise me on how to procede.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Shania McWalter

  1. Then, discuss the importance of good writing skills in the workplace