Assignment: Short Report

Submission Requirements

  1. Use report, also called manuscript, format. Remember to give the report a meaningful title.
  2. Include a List of References in APA style.
  3. Word process the assignment.

The following articles and video links provide information aboutSteeped Tea Inc.

Steeped Tea Inc sells premium loose leaf tea and various tea making and drinking accessories through its Independent Steeped Tea Consultants. Steeped Tea Inc is a direct selling company

How Tonia Jahshan built Steeped Tea into a huge retail empire

Using information gleaned from the sources above, make a four-to-six-page information report on Spin Master.

In an organization pattern that is most conducive, include the following information:

  • some details of the company founder(s) and how the concept originated,
  • a profile of Steeped Tea Inc,
  • information about its products,
  • successesand challenges faced by the company,
  • details on the company’s current position in the market,
  • prediction of its future potential, and
  • any other information you deem important.

Use the direct approach method for the report

Main point: Explain what the report is about and what will be discussed. Preview your discussion and briefly state your research.

Details: Organize your information logically.

Use white space and headings to enhance the readability of the report.

Close: Briefly summarize your points.

Attachment: Include a list of references in APA style.