Your answer should be limited to 1 page (including bibliography, with the limit being very strict), single-spaced, in Microsoft Word, with standard fonts and margins.

Using the 3 bullet points below as a guide, write a brief essay regarding issues for accounting and e-commerce. Use the Internet and search engines for your research (Use in text citations and quotes when referencing research):

1. Identify 5 important considerations for accountants in developing an e-commerce site.
2. Identify and explain 3 options for integrating e-commerce, XBRL reporting, web site development, and the social media.

3. Identify and explain 3 primary issues facing accountants with respect to e-commerce over the next 5 years.

You should deal with all 3 bullet points, giving equal emphasis to each one.

Please feel free to use URL abbreviations for the essay. However, use only one reference per line. You will have to balance the number of references you use with the space you have available for both references and writing your essay.