Assessment Task 2: Case Study Student Instructions
Andrew West started SurfZone in Bondi with the goal of providing good
quality surfing equipment to his customers. To ensure year round
business, Andrew sells both Surfing and Snow Ski products and he also
has a lucrative snow ski hire department that is strongly patronized by
school groups and families. Business has been brisk and he has
established a sizeable client base over the last five years. Andrew thinks
that it could be the time to spend in Computers to record details about the
sales, payroll process and offer more details about the inventory. Andrew
thinks with the implementation of the Computer in each store would help
the store in capturing of the sales information & managing of the hiring
details, capturing the details of the customer would help the store
manager in forming a targeted marketing campaign in the future, the
computer would help the store to capture the details about the stock sold
so that exact stock levels could be known, the Computer offers the way to
calculate the wages & to electronically pay staff and the implementation
of the Computer provides useful & relevant data for sales forecasting.
Lastly, some recommendations have been given in order to improve the
resolve the problems for the accounting & payroll problems (Collier, P &
Venables, 2007). Description of the Problem
Andrew believes that it will be possible to modernize some of the business
process for reducing the amount of time, which it is taking for data
processing. Andrew believes that it can be time to spend in Computers to
record more details about payroll process, sales and the details about the
inventory. It has been analysed that the Andrew wants to open up six
further stores throughout the next three years & any systems used should
be capable of supporting these developments (Bigsten, 2004) It has been analysed that no details are captured about the customer only
provide details about the purchased goods, the method of payment,
member of the staff, purchased quantity, price & totals.
It has been analysed that levels of stock are recorded by using the stock
card. It can be seen that the details of the new inventory are entered into
the cards when the new stock and details of sold units are changed at the
termination of each trading day. It is very clear that when things become
hectic, marketing off stock sheets can be forgotten and hence they are not
very exact. To know the level of the stock item, the physical check is
needed. It has been observed that the stock take is conducted at random
times when Andrew thinks it may be better to know what is in each of the
stores. It has been analysed that when the user return the hired items, the
member of the staff retrieves the duplicate from the file comprising both
the details of the docket & the information of the credit card. This can be
viewed as the process of time consuming as sometimes dockets are
misfiled & users become worried for the delay. It is very clear that no of
complaints have been made by the user on the number of occasions. At
the end of each & every week, the spreadsheet was sent to Andrew who
used it for forecasting of sales & also offers the information to various
accountants for completing the statements of the Business Activity. Solution Objective
The objective of the solution is to provide assistance to Andrew in solving
of various issues like maintenance of customer details, maintenance of
marketing off stock sheets, collection of useful data for sales forecasting
and accurate calculation of wages & to electronically pay staff. It has been
analyzed that the implementation of the Computer in each of the three
stores helps in capturing of sales information, customer details, maintenance of marketing off stock sheets, collection of the data for sales
forecasting and helps in calculation of the wages for employees. It is very
clear that in recent times, Computers help the Company in operations &
controlling function (Greenwood & Jovanovic, 1990). Computer helps the Company in maintaining of operations like calculation of wages, maintenance of ledger and invoicing etc. Another important feature of the
Computer helps in analysis of the sales, credit control & budgetary
control. The Solution is provided to the Andrew to implement those
changes in existing three stores and open further six stores in the next
three years with those changes & developments. For e.g. In this case each
of the three stores, captures sales at the point of purchase by the cash
register machine. There are two machines in each store operated by the
sales counter. The implementation of the Computer in each store helps in
capturing of sales information without the cash register machine which
would help the Ski Zone & Andrew in minimizing of the cost. Constraints
It has been analyzed that there is a computer for the assistant and
Andrew has a laptop computer that he uses to prepare details for the
accountant to complete the Business Activity Statement. He also carries
out some analysis on spreadsheets for sales forecasting. It can be seen
that the accountant of the each store was maintaining details about the
sales, purchase and inventory manually not on the Computer. The Andrew
had decided to implement the Computer in each store which became
difficult for accountants to make reports on Computer as they were in the
habit of making reports manually. It can be said that change in technology
may also be the factor which made the accountant & employee of the
Company resistant to change. In general, it is very clear when the
company goes for any kind of changes then employees show reluctance to
change (Cooley & Smith, 1998) Developmental Plans
The first & foremost development plan is implementation of the Computer
in each of the three stores. For Capturing of the sales information It can be seen that analysis of the
forecasting indulges the usage of the Computer Software. It has been
analyzed that the software of sales forecasting would have a format of
dashboard in which statistics & charts are clearly visible on the single
For Maintenance of sheets of marketing off stock The system may be
designed which it activate orders when level of stock arrives point of order
for distinct items of the material and test items that are moving slow and
provides record of various stock items.
For Computation of wages It is very clear that in recent time, Computers
help in operations of the Company like computation of wages, ledger
maintenance and invoicing etc. With the implementation of the Computer
in each of the three stores it enables the accountant of the store to
calculate accurate wages by using excel feature and spreadsheets Required:
Write a report to evaluate the proposed information system and
provide your recommendations (Word Limit: 1000 words). * Learners and assessor should refer to the assessment evidence
checklist & record as below:
Assessment Task 2 Assessment Evidence Checklist & Record
Learner’s ID: ______________________
Learner’s Name: ___________________________________
Performance & Knowledge Evidence
Identify and document
record and systems
Evaluate alternative systems and
acceptance test systems
Prepare systems
documentation and
implement reporting
systems and records that
comply with: statutory requirements organisational policy and
procedures Knowledge
Outline the key features of
statutory requirements, codes of
practice and organisational policy
and procedures relating to
accounting systems
Discuss ethical considerations for
the handling of financial
Explain the key features of financial
legislation relating to taxable
transactions and reporting
Outline a range of considerations
for developing accounting system
Compare and contrast methods of
data protection
Explain the key principles and
practices of budgetary control and
implications for accounting systems C/NYC Comments Explain the process and procedures
for recording and storing financial
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