Depreciation and Disposal of Plant Equipment

1. On January 2, 2015, the Matthews Band acquires sound equipment for concert performances at a cost of $65,800. The band estimates it will use this equipment for four years, during which time it anticipates performing about 200 concerts. It estimates that after four years it can sell the equipment for $2,000. During year 2015, the band performs 45 concerts. Compute the year 2015 depreciation using the straight-line method.

2. A fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks is acquired on January 5, 2015, at a cost of $830,000 with an estimated useful life of eight years and an estimated salvage value of $75,000. Compute the depreciation expense for the first three years using the double-declining-balance method.

3. Diaz Company owns a milling machine that cost $250,000 and has accumulated depreciation of $182,000. Prepare the entry to record the disposal of the milling machine on January 1 under each of the following independent situations.

1. The machine needed extensive repairs, and it was not worth repairing. Diaz disposed of the machine, receiving nothing in return.

2. Diaz sold the machine for $35,000 cash.

3. Diaz sold the machine for $68,000 cash.

4. Diaz sold the machine for $80,000 cash.