Using link provided

Respond to each question below:

1. What ethical and legal liability relating to accountants and auditors might relate to your SEC 10-K company?

2. What trends in sales, cost of goods sold, and gross profit do you see? use a small table for your records and refer to percentages in terms of year to year change for dollar values and the gross profit percentage.

3. Review net income and post comments using the techniques you used for gross profit.

4. International Issues: comment on foreign currency issues and the global picture for your SEC 10-K company.

5. Always include the name of your SEC 10-K company in the subject line and the link to your SEC 10-K financial statement when posting

Read the Notes to the Financial Statements (FS) for your SEC 10-K company. These “notes” are displayed after the financial statements.

1. Inventory comments: comment on inventory issues using the concepts of materiality and geographic location.

2. Inventory and Sales: comment on issues related to diversity in customer base and issues of internal control.

3. Accounts Receivable and Sales: comment on issues related to the selling and distribution system of your SEC 10-K company and issues of fraud as well as internal control.

4. Challenges and opportunities you see as you relate our current textbook topics to your company. Details are high level in the SEC 10-K but organizations rely on Auditing concepts, as they prepare for the audits and as part of their internal control process.

The postings for the SEC 10-K company should assist you with your SEC 10-K paper and project.