In December 2010, Kent Computer’s management establishes the year 2011 predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor cost. The information used in setting this rate includes estimates that the company will incur $756,000 of overhead costs and $540,000 of direct labor cost in year 2011. During March 2011, Kent began and completed Job No. 13-56.

1. What is the predetermined overhead rate for year 2011? (Omit the “%” sign in your response.)

Predetermined overhead rate %


Use the information on the following job cost sheet.

Customer’s Name Keiser Co. Job No. 13-56
Job Description 5 color monitors—21 inch
Direct Materials Direct Labor Overhead
Costs Applied
Date Requisition No. Amount Time-Ticket No. Amount Rate Amount
Mar. 8 4-129 $ 5,000 T-306 $ 640
Mar. 11 4-142 7,050 T-432 1,280
Mar. 18 4-167 3,550 T-456 1,280

Determine the total cost of the job. (Omit the “$” sign in your response.)

Total cost of the job