Cash Budget
The Peoria Supply Company sells for $40 one product that it purchases for $30. Budgeted sales in total dollars for next year are $720,000. The sales information needed for preparing the July budget follows:

May $30,000
June 41,000
July 50,000
August 51,000

Account balances at July 1 include these:

Cash $20,000
Merchandise inventory 14,000
Accounts receivable (sales) 23,000
Accounts payable (purchases) 14,000

The company pays for one-half of its purchases in the month of purchase and the remainder in the following month. End-of-month inventory must be 50 percent of the budgeted sales in units for the next month. A 2 percent cash discount on sales is allowed if payment is made during the month of sale. Experience indicates that 50 percent of the billings will be collected during the month of sale, 40 percent in the following month, 6 percent in the second following month, and 4 percent will be uncollectible. Total budgeted selling and administrative expenses (excluding bad debts) for the fiscal year are estimated at $174,000 , of which one-half is fixed expense (inclusive of a $20,000 annual depreciation charge). Fixed expenses are incurred evenly during the year. The other selling and administrative expenses vary with sales. Expenses are paid during the month incurred. (Round your answers to the nearest whole number.)

(a) Prepare a schedule of estimated cash collections for July.

Current month’s sales
Previous month’s sales
Two months’ prior sales
Total cash collections

(b) Prepare a schedule of estimated July cash payments for purchases.

Current month’s purchases
Beginning accounts payable
Total cash payments

(c) Prepare schedules of July selling and administrative expenses, separately identifying those requiring cash disbursements.

Selling and administrative expenses:
Cash payment
Total expenses and cash disbursements

(d) Prepare a cash budget in summary form for July.

Cash receipts
Cash disbursements:
Selling and administrative
Excess receipts (disbursements)