1.Your client, a small corner grocery store run by the owner with part time in- store help and one bookkeeper working in the back office, tells you she is going to begin allowing the bookkeeper to reconcile the bank statement on his own. What advice and words of caution will you give her.

2.Your client is a manufacturing company opening a new facility in a different state. There are going to be 75 hourly employees at this facility, 90? of them unionized. How would you advise the client on payroll preparation and related recordkeeping?

3.Your client, a plastering contractor, is having cash flow problems. The most recent annual profit and loss showed they are profitable; however, they’re having specific short them cash flow problems, as: a) they find themselves having to hold some of the payroll checks (management) for a couple of days on the week their term loan payment is due (it’s due on the 15th each month), and b) they’re problems collecting money from certain customers who bring them a lot of business but are slow payers.

The client does not want to take on any more debt at this time. What advice would you give them in managing cash flows?

4.You have a client, a wholesale importer, who has always kept all his records in a plastic bin. Every year at tax time he expects you to sort through the paperwork in the bin and figure out his income and expenses. He always seems to know roughly whether he’s been profitable or not, but he gives you a lot of “estimated amounts” when you ask for specifics. He has a business bank account, but only looks at the online balance and trusts that the bank is not making any errors.

How would you try to persuades him to purchase an accounting software package and keep a set of books going forward?

5.Your client, a food truck owner with five trucks operating in the local area, pays his drivers by letting them take money from their cash drawers. The only thing he requires each drivers by letting them take money from their cash drawers. The only thing he requires each driver to do is fill out a cash report and they’re on the honor system because they are all part of the same extended family. You’re trying to convince the client to set up payroll. What would you say to him?