Locate eight to ten sources for your research paper. At least eight of these sources must come from the University Library. At least ten pages to write single spaced in APA style.

Consider the following questions when selecting sources for your research paper:

What is the reason and association of the association or writer identified with the article?

What are the creator’s qualifications?

Is the data current?

At the point when was the data last redesigned?

Does the data cross-reference with different sources?

Does the source contain predisposition without proof to bolster the case?

Complete Appendix I:

Clarify what makes every source trustworthy or not dependable.

Compose what data you think you might have the capacity to use from every source.

Position your sources reliable with APA rules. Keep in mind, on the off chance that you get to a source from one of the University Library databases, you should give the name of the database rather than the URL: Retrieved from XYZ database.

Address the accompanying toward the end of Appendix I:

What methodologies did you use to assemble solid data for your examination paper?

What different procedures may you utilize? Give a reason to your decisions.