The partnership of Pen, Evan, and Torves has asked you to assist in winding up its business affairs. You compile the following information:

The trial balance of the partnership on June 30, 20X1, is:

Debit Credit

Cash $6,000

Accounts Receivable (net) $22,000

Inventory $14,000

Plant and Equipment (net) $99,000

Accounts Payable $55,000

Pen, Capital $17,000

Evan, Capital $45,000

Torves, Capital $24,000

Total $141,000 $141,000

The partners share profits and losses as follows: Pen 50 percent, Evan 30 percent, and Torves 20 percent.

The partners are considering an offer of $100,000 for the accounts receivable, inventory, and plant and equipment as of June 30. The $100,000 will be paid to creditors and the partners in installments, the number and amounts of which are to be negotiated.

Need a cash distribution plan as of June 20, 20X1, showing how much cash each partner will receive if the offer to sell the assets is accepted.