Question 1
Listed below are the transactions of Yasunari Kawabata, D.D.S., for the month of September.
Sept. 1 Kawabata begins practice as a dentist and invests $20,000 cash.
2 Purchases dental equipment on account from Green Jacket Co. for $17,280.
4 Pays rent for office space, $680 for the month.
4 Employs a receptionist, Michael Bradley.
5 Purchases dental supplies for cash, $942.
8 Receives cash of $1,690 from patients for services performed.
10 Pays miscellaneous office expenses, $430.
14 Bills patients $5,820 for services performed.
18 Pays Green Jacket Co. on account, $3,600.
19 Withdraws $3,000 cash from the business for personal use.
20 Receives $980 from patients on account.
25 Bills patients $2,110 for services performed.
30 Pays the following expenses in cash: Salaries and wages $1,800; miscellaneous office
expenses $85. (Record each separately.) 30 Dental supplies used during September, $330.
Record depreciation using a 5-year life on the equipment, the straight-line method, and no salvage