Lorena Lally and allie Rars formed a partnership on March 15,2014. The partners agreed to contribute equal amounts of capital. Lally contributed her sole proprietor-ship’s assets and liabilities (credit balances in parentheses) as follows: Lally’s Business Book Value Current Market Value Accounts Receivable $12,300 $10,600 Merchandise Inventory $47,000 $38,000 Prepaid Expenses $3,600 $3,400 Store Equipment, Net $41,000 $28,000 Accounts Payable $(24,000) $(24,000) On March 15, Raras contributed cash in an amount equal to the current market value of Lally’s partnership capital. The partners decided that Lally will earn 70% of partnership profits because she will manage the business. Rara agreed to accept 30% of the profits. During the period ended December 31, the partnership earned net income of $74,000. Lally’s withdrawals were $42,000, and Raras’s withdrawals totaled $22,000.

What is The market value of Lally’s business?