Indi Services Corporation, headquartered in Bengaluru, India, provides specialized information technology (IT) services and consists of three divisions: (1) financial services, (2) health services, and (3) transportation services. For 2014, it recorded the following data:




ServicesTotal Sales revenues$3,975,000 $5,655,000 $1,915,000 $11,545,000 Variable costs (% of sales) 28% 42% 42% Traceable fixed costs 2,166,000 2,773,000 740,100 5,679,100 Common fixed costs 1,190,000

Required:1.a segment performance report showing the segment margin in dollars and percentages for all three divisions. Use Exhibit 12-3 as a guide. (Round “Percentage” answers to 2 decimal places.)

2.Which segment is most profitable? Financial ServicesHealth ServicesTransportation Services