Submit a 10-14 page research paper(at least 2750 words), NOT INCLUDING cover, abstract, and reference pages, discussing or applying one of the criminological theories listed below. Please use 12 point font, double spaced. APA FORMAT 6th Edition

In this paper you will:
Bring up imperative issues and issues with respect to the hypothesis or topic, figuring them obviously and decisively in the proposal/unique;

Assemble and evaluate significant data relating to the point (s),to arrive at all around contemplated conclusions and arrangements with regards to the why the hypothesis or speculations important meet the criteria and benchmarks;

Apply hypotheses to genuine circumstances utilizing your reasonable experience

Contemplate the hypothesis or theme being examined and the application/effect of your topic,discuss and evaluate, your suppositions, suggestions, and down to earth utilizations of your subject

Points Include Labeling Theory

Must be less that 10% borrowed work even with citations. Must have APA style reference page for each borrowed idea or thought cited in the paper. Must be VERY PROFICIENT in American English.