Assessment 1 (2,000 words)
Choose a newspaper or magazine article (not a case study nor an academic journal article) that
relates to one or more aspects of corporate governance and has been published in the last 2
months, and complete the following:
• Outline and summarize the arguments made in the article. (5 marks)
• Discuss the corporate governance issues raised using corporate governance theories to
illustrate the importance of these issues. (10 marks)
• Why are these issues of importance to business and the general public? (5 marks)
• Conclude by providing your opinion about the corporate governance issues raised in the
article. (5 marks) • Writing, formatting, referencing. (5 marks)
Please include a copy of the article as an Appendix. If this is not attached you will lose 5 marks.
Assessment is to be submitted in 12 point Times New Roman font, at 1.5 line spacing, and
paragraphs will be fully justified.