1. Which of the following are characteristics of money market investments?

money market funds are offered by banks

b) The minimum balance for money market deposit accounts is $5,000
c) None of the above

2. Which of the following is Not a true statement about automated clearinghouses (ACHs)?
a) Commercial transactions using automated clearinghouses have been growing at close to
17% per year since 1989
b) Debits drawn on automated clearinghouses cost less than half that of checks processed
through financial institutions
c) The ability to reduce transactions costs and create convenience is driving the growth of
automated clearing houses
3. SWIFT’s implementation of the smart card is expected to:
a) Decrease the likelihood of electronic fraud
b) Remove the need for secret information to be sent through mail
c) Guarantee the identity of the sender

4. The economic order quantity:
a) provides the lowest inventory costs
b) Determines the safety stock
c) All of the above

5. All of the following are methods of controlling receivables except:
a) Offer a cash discount
b) Reduce net terms
c) Reduce cash sales
6. International cash management is more complex than domestic based cash management
because of:
a) Different banking systems
b) Currency risk fluctuations

c) All of the above
7. One of the most popular uses of automated clearing houses is the:
a) Direct deposit of checks
b) Transfer of funds between U.S Banks and foreign banks
c) Transfer of funds between government agencies