EPS and post merger price Data for Henry Company and Myer Service are given in the following table. Henry Company is considering merging with Myer by swapping 1.25 shares of its stock for each share of Myer stock. Henry Company expects its stock to sell at the same price/earnings (P/E) multiple as before.Item Henry Company Mayer Services

Earning available for common stock $225,000 $50,000

Number of shares of common stock outstanding 90,000 15,000

Market price per share $45 $50

a) Calculate the ratio of exchange in market price

b) Calculate the earning per share (EPS) and price/earning (P/E) ratio for each company

c) Calculate the price/earnings (P/E) ratio used to purchase Mayer Service

d) Calculate the post merger earning per share (EPS) for Henry Company

e) Calculate the expected market price per share of the merged firm. Discuss this result in light of your findings in part a.

Henry Company is as follows:


2002 2003

CommonStock $600,000 $600,000

Additional paid-incapital 250,000 250,000

Retainedearnings 170,000 370,000

Net income for theyear 120,000 240,000

Harry’s return on common stockholder’s equity, rounded to thenearest percentage point for 2003 is?