You go to web-site of Coca Cola and access its annual reports (Form 10 K) filings.
Data for year ending December 31, 2016 should be used for this project.
Answer the following questions and give page references from company’s annual reports for
your answers if any. 

1. State and describe one assumption/ principle used or followed by the company. What
action of your company would have violated that assumption/principle?

2. Which method(s) of inventory valuation the company uses? Can your company choose
LIFO method for tax purposes without changing accounting method for reporting inventory?

3. What methods of depreciation are used by your company? 

4. How much property, plant and equipment was purchased in the most recent year reported? 

5. For the most recent year reported:
(i) What is the number of shares authorized?
(ii) What is the number of shares issued?
(iii) What is the number of shares outstanding?