Project Part 1’. The text of your report should flow. Do not list the question numbers. The questions are guidelines for the structuring of your report. For example, you can make headings such as Accounting Regulation, Corporate Governance or Financial Statements, but the text that follows should flow in paragraphs, using the questions as a guide to the information that should be included in your report.
It is important to read through the grading rubric for this assignment. It gives an indication of what emphasis is important when writing your responses. It is also important to access appropriate references where required to support your answers.
References can be found using the library resources – for example:
? Google Scholar
? Factiva (newspapers)
? Google News Archive and others
You will be allocated a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Access the company’s website. A lot of the information you will be required to find can be found in the most recent Annual Report, but there may also be additional reports and other relevant information on the website or available in other media. The Annual Report can be found in the investor relations section of the company website. For the company you have been allocated, download and save a copy of the latest annual report.
You can obtain financial statements and other related information on the following websites:
? ASX website:

Write a business report about Myob Group Limited,(1500 words)
COMPANY: Myob Group Limited ASX CODE: MYO INDUSTRY: Information Technology