Lab Overview


In this Lab, you will begin using Microsoft Dynamics Accounting
Software. All of your work will be done using the following.

  • Microsoft
    Dynamics Case Study: Brenda’s Bagels (in Files)
  • This
    week, we will focus on Lab 3: Inventory and Payroll.
  • Microsoft
    Dynamics software available from the Lab section in Introduction &


Create a file named MD_Lab_3_LastName_FirstInitial.docx
contains screen prints of your work as indicated in the lab steps.

Required Software

Microsoft Dynamics – Citrix

Access the software at (Links to an
external site.)Links to an external site..

All Steps

Lab Steps

STEP 1: Preparation

  • Open a
    Word document and save it as MD_Lab_3_LastName_FirstInitial.docx.
    This is where you will paste your screenshots of your progress through
    this lab.
  • At the
    top of the Word document, add the following.
    • Your
    • Your
      Instructor’s name
    • Course
    • Date
    • Microsoft
      Dynamics Lab 3
  • When
    indicated in the lab steps, take a screenshot of your computer screen and
    paste it to this file. At the end of the lab, you will upload this Word
    document containing the screenshots to this week’s lab.
  • Review
    Lab 3: Brenda’s Bagels: Inventory and Payroll (in Files)
  • Start
    Microsoft Dynamics

STEP 2: Setting Up Inventory

  • Complete
    lab 3.1: Brenda’s Bagels: Inventory.
  • Follow
    the directions contained in the lab including the required screenshot(s).

STEP 2: Setting up Payroll

  • Complete
    lab 3.2: Brenda’s Bagels: Payroll.
  • Follow
    the directions contained in the lab including the required screenshot(s).

STEP 3: Submitting the Deliverables

  • Close
    Microsoft Dynamics and your work will be automatically saved by Microsoft
  • Deliverable:
    • Save
      your Word document containing the requiredscreenshot(s).
    • Submit
      the Word document.