Between The Ears ( is a popular Internet music store. During the current year, the company’s cost of goods available for sale amounted to $473,000. The retail sales value of this merchandise amounted to $836,000. Sales for the year were $720,000.

At year-end, takes a physical inventory. The general manager walks through the warehouse counting each type of product and reading its retail price into a recorder. From the recorded information, another employee prepares a schedule listing the entire ending inventory at retail sales prices. The schedule prepared for the current year reports ending inventory at $38,421 at retail sales prices.


a. Using the retail method, estimate (1) the cost of goods sold during the year and (2) the inventory at the end of the year.

b-1. Use the cost ratio computed in part a to reduce the inventory counted by the general manager from its retail value to an estimate of its cost.

b-2. Determine the estimated shrinkage losses (measured at cost) incurred by during the year.

b-3. Compute’s gross profit for the year. (Include inventory shrinkage losses in the cost of goods sold.)