Determine Ms. A’s filing status in each of the following independent cases:

  1. a. Ms. A and Mr. Z have been living together since 2014. They were married on December 13, 2016. In 2016, they would file married filed jointly.
  2. b. Ms. A married Mr. P in 2009. They were divorced on November 8, 2016. Since they were not married on the last day of the tax year, they would file single or head of household if they had children living with them.
  3. c. Ms. A married Mr. P in 2009. They separated in 2015 and have not lived together since, but have not divorced. Married, filing separately.
  4. d. Ms. A divorced Mr. P in 2016. She maintains a home for herself and her dependent grandmother. Ms A would be able to file head of Household since she cares for her grandmother.