Module 1 discussion

Discuss the various ways to accomplish a business
combination. Do you believe one way is better than others? Explain. Read
another student’s response and comment on his or her answer. Remember to always
be respectful when commenting on another student’s work.

Module 2 discussion

The use of estimates is a normal part of the accrual
accounting process. Discuss two or three estimates used by accountants on a
regular basis (for example, depreciation). With the core values of responsible
stewardship and integrity in mind, discuss how management may misuse these
estimates. Why would they do so? Discuss procedures and activities that can be
put in place to dissuade management from engaging in such untoward behavior.

Module 3 discussion

What is a noncontrolling interest? How is it classified on
the balance sheet of a parent company? Locate a company that has consolidated
financial statements and discuss the noncontrolling interest of that company.

Module 4 discussion

In your own words, describe the computation of
noncontrolling interest share in a year in which there is unrealized inventory
profit from upstream sales in both the beginning and ending inventories of the

Module 5 discussion

Go to:

Click on any of the commodities listed.

Using the news & analysis link, give an explanation in
your own words for changes in a commodity of your choice.

Module 6 discussion

Hedging strategies are used by companies for various
reasons. If you were the CEO of a corporation, would you engage in hedging
activities? Why or why not?

Module 7 discussion

Partnerships are a common form of business entered into by
many. Assume you have been given the task of drafting a partnership agreement.
What items would you include in this agreement? Discuss an item you thought of
including but chose not to include. Why did you leave it out of the agreement?

Module 8 discussion

are the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies? Research a
company that filed for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 within the past 10 years
and discuss what happened