I need questions 2 & 3 done please.

5-27. Stingy Upstate University (Process Maps, Decision Tables, and Decision Trees)

The approval rules for reimbursing those faculty members at Upstate University who attend professional conferences are somewhat complicated, and in the opinion of most, “hardly generous.” For example, the maximum allowed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is $8, $10, and $12, respectively. In addition, no reimbursements are made for breakfast if the traveler leaves home after 10 a.m., for lunch if the traveler leaves home after 2 p.m., or for dinner if the traveler leaves home after 8 p.m. Finally, no reimbursements are made for “business lunches” or similar meals if their costs are included as part of the conference registration fee.

When Upstate University faculty file for travel reimbursements, they must file a form that requests the time they left home and the time they left the hotel to return home. They must also provide a copy of their conference registration receipt, showing what meals were included in the program.


  1. 1. Develop a process map that displays the logic for deciding whether or not a given meal should be reimbursed.
  2. 2. Develop a decision table for these same reimbursement rules.
  3. 3. Develop a decision tree for these same reimbursement rules.
  4. 4. Which documentation method do you most prefer and why?
  5. 5. Marsha Tightfist (“the travel Nazi”) approves or denies travel reimbursements at Upstate University. She gets paid $50,000 a year, reviews all requests for travel reimbursements, and denies those that violate these rules. What calculations would you make to determine whether or not her salary is money well spent?