Glibler, Inc., on January 1, 2013, initiated a noncontributory defined benefit pension plan for its employees. An actuarial consulting firm has indicated that the present value of the projected benefit obligation on January 1, 2013 was $1,760,000, prior service cost on that date was $1,260,000 and the company has set aside assets valued at $500,000 for the plan on the same date. The following information related to the plan is also available:

Employers Contribution at year end

$ 500,000

Benefits paid at year end


Accumulated Benefit Obligation at year end


Service Cost


Prior Service Cost Amortization Period

10.5 years

Discount Rate


Expected Asset Return Rate



Compute the components of pension expense for 2013

Compute the Other Comprehensive Income adjustment for 2013.

Prepare the pension journal entries required for 2013.

Develop the plan status as of December 31, 2013 showing the PBO, Plan Assets, over/under funded status, unamortized prior service cost and the (accrued)/prepaid recorded on the books.