standards, describe the advantages and disadvantages that result from such standards.
28 Part II: Merry-Go-Round. Additional charges made against E&Y included the following (recall that MGR hired Ernst and Young for turnaround consulting services): E&Y had a close relationship with Rouse Co., one of MGR’s primary landlords (E&Y was soliciting business from Rouse and provided sig- ni?cant tax services). Swidler (the law ?rm that recommended E&Y to MGR) and E&Y had participated in at least 12 different business arrangements, some of which resulted in Swidler receiving signi?cant fees from E&Y. E&Y did not disclose either of these relationships to MGR. Required: a. b. Do you think that E&Y acted unethically given that it had these relationships? How could these relationships have affected E&Y’s advice to MGR? In other words, refer to the charges above and speculate as to whether any of the charges against E&Y may have stemmed from the relation- ships described above. To assist you in answering this question, consider the articles about MGR